Erasmus bouldering course


Please select schedule from the following opportunities:

Tue: 10am-12am

Thu: 10am-12am

You can apply by filling an application form online selecting single or multiple dates.

Depending on the selected schedule the prices are as follows:


Once a week training: 24000HUFs for students 3600 HUFS for non-students

2 times per week training: 39000HUFs for students 58000 for non-students

3 times per week training: 49000HUFs for students 73000 for non-students


The course consists of 16 weeks of training throughout the 19 week period from 15th October until 8th Februar.


Please read terms and conditions below:

  • The very first time that one shows up on a session he/she should pay a proportion of the whole price of the course. The amount depends on the number of weekly lessons. Thus 5000 HUFs per single 10000HUFs per two times a week etc. The rest of the entire sum is to be paid until the 2nd of november, otherwise the registration of an attendee is going to get cancelled.
  • Those who attend the courses have to arrive until o’clock and having changed be present at the scene of the training until hour ‘5. Upon arrival a daily registration form has to be signed each and every time. The sessions last  until following hour ’50. In case of one being late due to security policy there is a chance of getting closed stuck outside of the gym. Otherwise the instructor has the authority to decide whether one can take part or not.
  • Missed sessions can be substituted under two conditions:One has to inquire on email ( whether it was or wasn’t possible to attend a selected lesson 48 hours prior to the intended attendance.A substitution cost 500 HUFs what has to be paid upon arrival.
  • Money back policy:  One can claim a proportion of the fare back for any health issue if it proved by medical documentation. The rates depending on how late into the course the condition got developed:

0-5th week: 50°%

6th-10th week: 35%

11th-15th week: 20%


Should you have any further question inquire via