About the GYM

Opening hours:

Monday: 17- 23h

Tuesday: 6 – 8h és 17-23h

Wednesday: 17-23h

Thursday: 6 – 8h és 17-23h

Friday: 17-23h

Saturday: 12 – 22h

Sunday: 12 – 22h


On the behalf of UJJERŐ Ltd. and emloyees of the said we would like to emphasize that climbing is a kind of sport activity that can possibly result is severe injury.  Thus  those who practice climbing should notice  and realize the possible hazards, and live up to them in terms of reponsible and careful manners. By applying to a course/purchasing an entry ticket I  hereby declare that if despite my careful foresight I would suffer any injury, I  would not handle any legal claims against Ujjerő Ltd.

By my application I accept the general rules of the gym:

–    The bouldering gym and any equipment in it is to be used on everyone’s own responsibility;
–    Those who enter the facility should not by under the effect of any kind of  posychoactive agent;

–    In order to use the gym and any equipment in it one should be healthy and able to do sports; 

–    One should enter and stay in the gym if he/she can maintain advertent manners and is always carefully aware of      other climbers; 

–    Staying under another climber is allowed only if  it was requested  for the purpose of secure someone’s safety („spotting”);

–   Please avoid jumping down from above when in the gym; 

–    For to maintain safe conditions  the number of  residents in the gym is limited at 25. Above that limit the gym operator is authorized to withhold any further entrances;

–    Any person younger than 10yrs can be present at the gym only by parental advisory or under parental supervision;

–    While climbing wearing any kind of protruding accessory such as bracelets earrings rings etc. is unadvised;

–    Taking in account that climbing is a physically demanding activity and being so requires a thorough warming up beforehand;

–    Replacement of holds is possible only if it had been acknowledged and permitted by the gym operator;

–    The wall and cushioning beneath are to be used with clean shoes, and appropriate clothing;

–    No food or drink not even in well sealed case is allowed in the climbing area;

–    Brushes can be found all around the climbing area. For to clean holds please used those, no of  metal fibre brushes allowed in the gym;

–    Using climbing chalk is allowed;

–    If you happen to have a superficial decubitus please disinfect and cover it up before further usage of any equipment. You can ask for help at the front bar if necessary;

–    Changing rooms and bathrooms as well as toilets shall be kept clean an tidy and be used as intended;

–    UJJERŐ Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any valuables placed and left in the lockers;

–    It is strictly prohibited to smoke at any areas of the facility;

–    According to circumstantial possibilities we would like to present the highest grade of climbing opportunity in our gym.  Should you have any observation or complaint about our service, feel welcome to contact our employees;

We wish you to have a great time climbing here at UJJERŐ!

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