What Is A Shared Care Agreement

AMBER with drugs FOR SHARED SOINS requires full monitoring and must be appointed by the Eastern Lancashire Medicines and Therapeutics Committee. Medically prescribed primary care is advised not to prescribe these drugs unless they have been properly informed of their responsibilities for monitoring, adverse events and letter interactions and are happy to assume responsibility for the prescription. This letter, which sets out these responsibilities, should be accompanied by a copy of the locally approved joint care document, if any. First-time prescribers should then inform secondary care of their intentions as soon as possible by letter and then proceed with the transmission of care when needed. . This will ensure absolute clarity as to who will take over the prescription and all of the supervisory tasks associated with it. In the case of the proposal for a common care plan, specialists can advise the patient`s family physician what medication should be prescribed. If you recommend a new or rarely prescribed medication, you should specify the dosage and means of administration and agree on a protocol for treatment. They must explain the use of unauthorized drugs and deviations from recommended guidelines or treatments and provide sufficient information to both the family physician and the patient to enable safe treatment of the patient`s condition.14 Common care guidelines are local guidelines that allow family physicians to obtain prescription and monitoring of drugs/treatments in primary care, in agreement with the specialist in charge. If you are required to prescribe in the absence of a common care directive that you deem inappropriate, please complete an inappropriate application form.

Prescribers are reminded that the doctor who prescribes the drug is legally responsible for the clinical responsibility of the drug and the consequences of its use. A circular from the Ministry of Health first outlined the principles of common care. It was EL91 (127) and can be accessed below: If you are not sure you can take care of further care, ask for more information or advice from the doctor with whom the care is shared or to another experienced colleague.