Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria Enterprise Agreement

“I reassure Victorians who rely on these health services that there is no danger to the health and safety of patients. The ANMF submitted that this meant that the proposed agreement did not adequately recognize the skills and experience of registered nurses and that it raised concerns about their field of activity in the performance of their role. Lisa Fitzpatrick, secretary of the Australian Federation of Environmental Education and Training (Victorian Branch), said, “All Victorians expect much better from health services, which are highly respected and popular health facilities,” Fitzpatrick said. In January 2019, an agreement in principle was reached at the request of the Fair Work Commission, but the Royal Flying Doctors Service requested that the vote on the proposed agreement be delayed due to a contract amendment with Ambulance Victoria. Employee Assistance ProgramThe Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential and voluntary counselling service that is available to RFDS staff and their immediate family. Its goal is to help solve personal and work-related problems that can affect their performance or quality of life. Click here for more information. REMSERV has been mandated by the RFDS to manage the administrative department for packaging. The RemServ information brochure was designed to provide more details on the packaging services available.

You can also visit Remserv`s website for more information by logging in to “My Employer Hub” and entering the employer code of “rfds” for more information. The election results were announced on Monday, November 2. Of those who took part in the vote, nearly 60% voted against their legendary employer`s proposal to agree. Parallel to the start of the industrial action on Thursday 29 October, the popular Royal Flying Doctors Service presented its proposal for an enterprise agreement, including the two-tier unfair remuneration system, to a worker vote. Central Operations (RFDS) are able, due to their current tax situation, to offer their employees an attractive payroll packaging service. The Community Business Bureau (CBB) has been mandated by RFDS (Central Operations) to manage the package management department in charge. Below is the packaging directive and other information about CBB. If you are entitled to pay packing, please contact CBB on 1300 763 505. Wage PackagingThe RFDS is able, due to its current tax status, to offer its employees an attractive payroll service.

In order to fully understand the characteristics of the packaging, we offer our employees the opportunity to participate, at no cost to the staff, in the packaging advice, which is provided by our financial advisors. You can indicate your interest on your Employment Pack forms. To learn more about each of these companies, please click here. The management of the Royal Flying Doctors Service also refused an agreement to include registered nurses in the proposed agreement. These nurses are still only occupied by the minimum fees in the price of care.