Residential Tenancy Agreement Pet Clause

In theory, your rental agreement could therefore relate to a pet directive that defines the pet clauses. Remember, the Pet Directive is an equivalent, it does NOT replace a lease. TDS Insured System: Here, a TDS member can keep the tenant`s money as a stakeholder for the duration of the lease. Here`s an example of a clause in the Pet Directive that relates to the Pet Additives Directive: instead of asking people to get rid of pets (it`s not fair to pets and the likely hood is that it could be destroyed and left to oneself if pressure is put on them) why not tell tenants that they have to sign a Another agreement, that if the animal does damage, they must pay, they must also have the carpets of the house professionally cleaned if they have to evacuate. I hope someone can help! When my partner and I agreed on our new rent, it was on the condition that we had a dog at some point. The real estate agent at the time of the conclusion of the contract said that we would look into the pet clause if we had actually chosen a dog. Well, the time has come and the agent has in his clause that in case of fleas, they keep money for 4 months after the lease. She said the contract they use would cost £120. We decided that this would be acceptable after confirming that these funds were protected in the deposit system and we wanted the amount of the retainer to be written as well, for obvious reasons that we do not want to be hit with a 1000 pound note (God preserve), there was a flea problem. The agent came back and said that the deposit system will not keep this money for 4 months after the lease and since our lease contract lasts 3 years, the price of your contractor could increase. Now, I understand that with inflation, the contractor`s prices could go up, but there is certainly a good way to include that in the agreement to be fair to both parties and to make sure that my partner and I are protected from the very shady agents felt. Please help us! Every tip is much appreciated. A pet supplement (or pet contract) to a lease is a legal and binding contract between two parties, an owner and the tenant.

Pet additives are normally used when the tenant wants to bring a pet into their home and the original lease does not contain clauses allowing or prohibiting pets. The full policy can be downloaded here: I do however have a tenant who will leave in the spring. I received a complaint about the tenant dog, which is a very large breed, and he concludes that it is in everyone`s interest for the dog to leave. I submitted this in writing to the tenant and he refuses to remove the dog or leave. The lease is over, but because they pay their rent, I have to give them a modest 2 months in advance. My property insurance is only effective if my lease is effective and I have given that something could happen. I have terminated the pet clause in writing with the tenant and set a date for the dog to stop. that date has passed.

We offer invaluable training in rental bond protection and litigation for agents and landlords by the TDS Academy, as well as working with MOL to award the Technical Award in Residential Tenancy Deposits. Of course, you could go the other way and tell people that you want to end the lease because they have an offence. You have a choice. Good luck. There should also be a clause indicating the tenant`s responsibilities with respect to the breeding of the pet in the property. If you do not decide, one of you can terminate the rental agreement with a period of at least one month (provided that the rent is paid monthly) from the date of payment of the rent….