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Michael McNally, NTEU Queensland Division Secretary: 0423 538 721 Sydney, December 8: Australia`s leading staffing firm Hudson says technology and AI one. Michael McNally, Queensland Secretary, said: “Employees know a big market when they see one. Other universities, for example, have kept pension contributions in their variations, so that pension income is not affected. James Cook`s management refused. » A guide for the evaluation of gender equality programmes published today 8 December 2020 A news. The National Tertiary Education Union has written to the management of James Cook University asking them to withdraw their application to the Fair Work Commission in order to vary the James Cook University Enterprise Agreement (letter below). JCU Branch President, Dr. Police can now designate the man who was killed in an accident on State Highway 2 (Matawai. Oval Office 12:38 p.M. EST THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. And today, it`s mine.

“We don`t just do this to delay variation or use any form of acidic grapes. If the variation does not do what was told to employees, it cannot be approved by the Commission,” added Mr. Strauss. The proposed variation, which was not agreed with the unions, was presented to employees late Wednesday, with the amendment already voted on Thursday 17.9 and Friday 18.9 next week. “Whether they like it or not, our advice is that management misinformed staff of what they voted for, so the change should not be approved. I don`t think management can just put their hands on their hearts and say they will pay for the increase at the end of 2021. Employees did not vote in favor of a promise, they voted on what was presented to them as a legally enforceable variant,” Strauss added. The variation is really poorly worded,” says NTEU Queensland Secretary, Michael McNally. It contains cutting and intruder errors, ambiguous terms and does not do what management said. It is shameful that they stopped negotiating with us and did not let the project pass, otherwise we could have spared ourselves all this trouble. “Other variations have also provided much greater job security for casual workers and fixed-term employees, while the JCU proposal contains nothing for them,” McNally added. RELEVANT ADVERTISING NOTICE: We collect and use information about the content (including ads) you use on this website to make advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other websites. This is also called behavior-based online advertising.

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