Electrical Contract Agreement

This model for architect contracts can be used by a residential architect who has entered into a contract with an owner for the reorganization of an existing structure. This draft agreement can be used for both complementary and transformation projects. PandaTip: The exclusions are provided for in this draft contract for electrical services. This will protect you from certain errors and allow you to list all services that are not included in this agreement. While both parties may be able to do much of the same work; An electrical subcontractor differs from an electrician in that it can hire electrical workers to complete the job. This is explained not only by the fact that they are properly trained, but they have also obtained a company that has the necessary licenses and authorizations to complete the work. If you are starting to offer your electrician services, you should consider specializing in commercial or private services. Depending on the niche, connect with important interlocutors, such as.B. project manager for industrial construction projects, industrial buildings or new buildings. Ask that you be included in your list of tenders for electrical work and ask yourself who else is on the list in order to meet your competitors in the market.

You should also join local associations of electrical installers that will allow you to connect to larger companies that hire subcontractors. You can also offer as a contractor or subcontractor for government projects. If you set the price for your electrical services, you may be tempted to under-tick off your competitors` prices. .