Broward College Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017

5 ARTICLE Recognition The District Board of Trustees of Broward College, hereinafter referred to as the Board of Trustees, the United Faculty of Florida, Broward College Chapter, hereinafter referred to as UFF/BC or the Union, recognizes as the exclusive representative of the Public Relations Commission in Case NO-81-OO9 and certification No. 539 of 22 May 1981 employed at Broward College with respect to wages, supplements, hours and other working conditions. 1 17 Excellence in science and creative work is defined as the following, but not limited to: Publication of research articles in scientific and professional journals, professional admission, publication of textbooks and reviews. In some fields such as art, music or literature, creativity will be demonstrated through activities such as exhibitions, performances or publications. Service at the university is defined as, among other things, active participation in the development of the department and higher education, implementation and evaluation of courses and school programs in order to maintain their quality, relevance and viability; actively participate in campus and university committees; Development of new teaching techniques and/or delivery systems. Student service is defined as among others: availability for students for orientation and guidance, participation in student activities, sponsorship of student clubs and organizations and proven commitment to the well-being of the student. Community service and professional activities are not, however, limited to membership and participation in local and professional organizations, serving as a civil servant in a local, national or national organization; Service within the local business and industry community to improve the service of the university; Participation in local schools for the purpose of academic articulation and improvement of enrolment efforts. B. Criteria for special cases: persons with exceptional knowledge in their disciplines, who may not qualify according to the above-mentioned minimum criteria, but whose competence is well known and recognised, may be classified in one of the preceding stages by the Management Board, on the recommendation of the President to the Bureau, together with supporting documents. A faculty member must first meet the minimum training and experience qualifications set out in Section B and satisfactory performance, as indicated in the annual assessment. Once these minimum qualifications have been acquired, a faculty member who receives satisfactory assessments in four of the five criteria in Section A is recommended for transportation. Upon hiring, a faculty member is brought to the appropriate level. A faculty member must spend 5 years on an equal footing before being promoted to the next step.

Faculty members on annual contracts are not eligible until they are granted a continuing contract. Faculty members who are employed before the academic year may apply only once for promotion to the next level after one year at the starting level and no later than 3 years after the first internship. A subsequent application for assistance is only taken into account after 5 years. There is no increase in monetary policy when the promotion arrives….